Over fifty members gathered in out meeting room on Saturday morning 6th October 2018 to hear the talk by Jonathan Korejko. He is a highly experienced paper-maker and lecturer and gave us a wonderful morning’s entertainment. His talk introduced us to the history of paper-making from the earliest times and how the paper-making process has developed. The whole world of paper products were included, from the obvious writing and drawing paper, postcards, toilet paper, and also textile and fashion developments such as the paper collars which were such a wonderful invention for the women of the day who no longer had to wash and starch cloth collars. Paper dresses of the 1960s were remembered by some, and the Japanese paper screens, and hats made from 12 layers of papie rmache ( which are as hard as rock ) got a mention. The slides that accompanied the information were thoughtfully chosen and the poetry, music and video clips had us enthralled as well as sometimes laughing out loud!! New to me was the origin of several words in common usage today which have come directly from the paper-making world, such as ‘Junk’ , ‘Bite the bullet’ and Flash in the pan’. If you weren’t at the meeting then you’ll just have to look them up yourself! There was a great atmosphere in the room, and those of us lucky enough to get a place on the weekend workshop were full of anticipation for the afternoon to begin.