Papermaking Workshop with Jonathan Korejko – October 2018

What a fascinating workshop we had with Jonathan Korejko on the weekend of 6th & 7th Oct 18 learning the papermaking process and the endless possibilities it holds.

The room was set up with 4 papermaking stations and Jonathan got us all started making our first sheets of paper.   Each station had a water bath in which we immersed the paper pulp, a papermaking frame (mould & deckle) to remove our sheet of paper from the pulp mixture and a couching table onto which we transferred our sheets of paper, ready for the press.  

We used a variety of paper pulps throughout the weekend including Cotton thread, Silk, Merino wool, Jute, Denim, Linen, Cashmere, Camel hair and pulp made from Nurse’s uniform.   As the workshop progressed, we became more proficient which resulted in our paper becoming progressively thinner (& there was less “kissing off” of the paper pulp from the frame back into the water bath if it wasn’t quite right!). 

Jonathan continued to introduce new techniques after which we then had a chance to play and experiment; techniques included embossing, layering, embedding (poem/feather or whatever took your fancy), creating a 3-dimensional design with the paper while placed on net curtain, preparing a pulp with materials from our own stash and laminating the paper sheets with scrim for stitching.

Needless to say there was some misbehaviour on the part of some participants, not always sticking to the brief, which led to some wonderful creations, much to the delight of Jonathan.   It was an enthralling workshop and so enjoyable.   The room was full of energy, creativity and laughter, a perfect combination.