What a great start to 2019! We had a terrific turnout for the first meeting of the year, and great fun too. By 10.30 the tables were groaning  with textile goodies and the buying began in earnest. Threads, fabric, wool, buttons and notions were spread out and there was lots of chat and discussion about the uses that various pieces could be put to! The library was busy and so was the kitchen, while we all caught up after the holiday.

Finally it was time for the Quiz to begin and our fiendish Quizmaster Ann took the microphone. She delivered the usual mix of questions, those we should have known or remembered, those we had no clue about and had to guess, and of course the ‘name that stitch’ round. Lots of groans and cheers greeted the answers, but as usual, Ann’s answers were right, even if they were wrong! The winning team received their prizes and then a bit more ‘shopping’ was done before everyone who had brought ‘goodies’ took away the remaining unsold items. We raised a good deal of money and Colleen was thrilled with the result. Come to the May meeting to hear how she got on in India (she’s leaving next week I think) and hear how our money has made such a difference.